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Rhode Island Mandatory Relationship Disclosure 

Rhode Island Law requires every real estate agent to disclose to you in writing who they represent in a real estate transaction.

RI real estate relationship disclosure

A Rhode Island mandatory relationship disclosure for real estate is a legal requirement that ensures transparency and clarity between real estate agents and their clients. When you work with a real estate agent to buy or sell a property in Rhode Island, the agent is required to provide you with a document called a relationship disclosure form.

This form explains the different types of relationships that can exist between you and the real estate agent. It clarifies whether the agent is representing you as a buyer or seller exclusively, or if they are acting as a dual agent representing both parties in the transaction. It also outlines any potential conflicts of interest that may arise during the process.

The purpose of this disclosure is to make sure you understand the nature of the relationship you have with your real estate agent. It helps you know whether the agent is solely working for your best interests or if they have divided loyalties due to representing both parties. By providing this information upfront, the disclosure aims to promote transparency and protect your rights as a client in the real estate transaction.

   This form must be presented to you before an agent can represent you

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